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Dienstag, 22. September 2020




Hello World and subculture and digital Brothers and Sisters,

ENJOY right here on this page our contribution for #INKTOBER2020 and via all the other artist's work during the upcoming 30 days. Having fun and learning to survive the first cold days of the year by listening to good music, being creative and getting inspirations by other artists makes life simple and joyful and Studio Lorelei Feder will be trying to tell a little tale about this girl in these modern times :

Which of these pretty girls (beautiful in their own ways) will we be following this #INKTOBER2020 you ask? Well, can't promise you too much, but the Working Title already has its lyrical inuendos:

"MIAs Transit" 

by Schreibwerkstatt Lorelei Feder (Studio LF)

for #Inktober2020 


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